Women of Substance – BISP showcased case studies

bis2.jpgBenazir Income Support Programme (BISP) held an event on Tuesday morning at its auditorium to showcase and screen the inspiring case studies of BISP Beneficiaries. The event was attended by an IMF representative, the Country Director, World Bank Pakistan and the economic growth unit head, DFID Pakistan. Also, a number of development practitioners attended the event.  The anecdotes of 12 of these inspiring women of substance are as follows:

 “We were poor and used to break stones. Stipend provided by the BISP empowered me to support my family and now I use this amount for the education of my son and the medical needs of the family.” Gulfam Bibi  

“After the death of my husband, I was left alone with my small children to make my ends meet. The stipend given by BISP helped me raise my children and support their education in a respectable manner.” Taj Bibi from Havelian KP.

“My husband is jobless and struggles with his health issues. The BISP stipend helped me to dig for clean water and install washroom facility at my home. The continued support from BISP is helping me in educating my children”. Shabana Parveen, Dadu Sindh

“Due to blood pressure and high sugar issue, my husband couldn’t go out and wok. This encountered us with financial burden. BISP helped me and I bought a sewing machine and learned the art. Now I am earning to help my family.” Asifa Safdar, Quetta Baluchistan

“After earthquake in 2005, my family suffered a lot and husband couldn’t continue his small work of petty business. Later when BISP started helping me through the stipend, we felt better. Now we are spending this stipend on education and health.” Masooda Begum, Dhirkot AJK.

“I have ten children and they were not going to school because my husband was physically challenged. When BISP provided me stipend, it helped me in enrolling my children to school and meet the basic necessities at home.” Pervez Begum Gilgit, GB

“We were trash-pickers but when BISP made us its beneficiaries, we left trash picking and started making moorah (stools). Now we are earning too and it is much better than trash-picking.” Munawar Khatoon, Chakwal, Punjab

 “The floods in KP destroyed our house and we became homeless and took refuge in tents. BISP approached us and started providing stipend. Through this I learned sewing and flowering. Now I am earning this way.” Irshad Bibi Nowhsera, KP

 “My husband encountered an accident and couldn’t continue working. This made our life miserable. Unwillingly, I let me son to go for work and feed us. Luckily, BISP considered us for its stipend program. Now my children are getting education and we are feeling better.”  Naseem Akhtar, Palandari AJK

“Unfortunately my husband became ill and lost his eye-sight. This compelled me to go out for work to meet our ends. BISP stipend enabled us to meet the educational expenses of our children and spend on health needs. Now I feel privileged and empowered.” Gasmali Ghizar, GB

“My husband works on daily wages and he doesn’t have any proper source of income. Through BISP’s stipend we send our children to school and spend a comparatively better life.” Rehana Begum, Jhal Magsi, Balochistan.  

“I got married at the age of 12. Since then my husband and I struggled to meet our ends but we didn’t succeed in educating our children or completing our basic needs but the stipend of BISP came like a ray of hope to alter our livelihood.”  Sri Nandani, Jacobbabad Sindh.


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