I Quit!

By Carole Spiers Group

We all have bad days at work sometimes, but then that may turn into a bad week, a bad month or even a bad year.

So, as we start the New Year, you may think that it’s maybe time for a job change.  You could have got yourself into a rut but then you wonder if this is just a temporary or permanent situation?  Is it really time to move on?  Or are you jumping from the firepan into the fire? Human beings tend to fear uncertainty and change and so sometimes we find ourselves holding back. Sound familiar?

Let’s look at some of the signs that show it’s maybe time to change.

  • Your job offers you no opportunity for growth
  • The organisation doesn’t provide any skills development training
  • You watch the clock all day and can’t wait to go home at 5pm
  • You have lost your sense of purpose
  • You are not quite sure which direction either you or the organisation is going
  • You don’t feel you are part of the big picture


Your job offers you no opportunity for growth
When you start your career path, it is good to aim for a promotion every 2-3 years and as you progress to mid-career level, promotions tend to slow down to about every 3-5 years.   If you feel like you have hit the top of the career ladder and there’s nowhere else to go, you may find it hard to get inspired every day and once that happens, it is a very slippery slope to being unproductive.

You don’t feel a sense of achievement
If you don’t feel any attachment or pride in your work, it can be difficult to stay motivated. When you feel like you are contributing to your company and making a difference, chances are you will enjoy your work and are eager to come in every day.  But if you’re at the point when you’re thinking “I really don’t know what I’m actually doing here”… or “I just feel like a number”…then it may be time to consider moving on.

You aren’t getting new opportunities to learn
A huge part of career satisfaction is in tackling new challenges and learning new skills.  Only you can be in control of your own career and even though there are many coaches who can give guidance, at the end of the day, you have to make your own decisions. If you have asked to take on new responsibility so that you can grow your role but have been refused, then the chances are that your company is not going to be the one to be a part of your future growth.

You don’t align with the company core values
A belief in the ethos and mission of the company is an essential factor in personal  motivation.  However, if you fail to subscribe to the organisational aims, objectives and purpose then you will be excluded from team dynamic energy and find yourself on the edge instead of in the centre.  And that’s not the ideal place to be.

Your salary remains the same
If you been taking on new responsibilities and putting in extra hours but haven’t seen a meaningful increase in your pay for a few years, it might be time to look for another job.  Do some research into the current market value for your skills, experience and favoured location to make sure your remuneration is commensurate with your talents and qualifications.

You daydream at work
Spending hours daydreaming at work and wondering ‘’if only…’ ‘what if…’ or ‘I wish…’ Iis just a non-productive, waste of time and energy.  Only you will know if you are doing non-work related activity like surfing the internet or being on social platforms during working hours as a means of making the time go past quicker because you are under utilised. And if so, you have a duty to both yourself and the organisation to rectify that state of affairs.

You can’t wait to leave work
We all are more productive if we are stimulated and if you spend your day watching the clock, then this is a sure sign that you are not engaged and feel part of the organisation.  The chances are that this boredom will lead to stress which is exactly what you don’t want.


Courtesy: Carole Spiers Group


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