SDPI ranked among top 100 global Think-Tanks



Islamabad (Monitoirng Desk): A statement issued released from the office of the Executive Director of SDPI states that SDPI has once again been ranked among the top global think tanks according to the 12th edition of University of Pennsylvania Global Go To Think Tank Index (GGTTI) released across the world on 31st January 2019. The complete report is available at  Global Go To Think Tank Index 2018. The 2018 GGTTI is based on the ranking done among 8162 think tanks (TT) globally, selected through a rigorous criteria.  The Brookings Institution USA is ranked as top thinktank of the world.

SDPI is placed in 14 categories in this index. Globally we are ranked at 99th position among top global (non-US) thinktanks (the only institute in Pakistan that has been included in the list). Top among them is French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), followed by Bruegel (Belgium) and then Chatham House (UK).

SDPI has been placed at 15th among the top thinktanks in Southeast Asia and the Pacific and are the top thinktank in Pakistan. Among  the Top Independent thinktanks it is at 53rd.

Among top thinktanks by area of research, SDPI’s work in all three pillar of sustainable development is duly recognized. We are ranked as 143rd  , 101, and 67th among top domestic economic policy, social policy,  and environment policy think tanks respectively.

It has been ranked 60th among the best institutional collaborators,  65th among the best advocacy campaigning think tanks, 64th with the best media acceptance, 78th with the best external engagement programme, 83rd  for the best social media use and 51st  as think-tank to watch(based on the research, policy output for last 24 months).

This year’s GGTTI also listed the top global think tanks whose work on Food Security and Food and Water Security issues (without ranking them) has globally been recognized. SDPI is the only Institute in Pakistan that has been listed for working on these issues.


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