Escape to Yasin Valley to shed your stress away



If you want to disconnect yourself from the daily urban stress and the routine treadmill, escape to Yasin— it is a perfect place to shed the stress away. Yasin is a picturesque destination with mighty mountains, rivers, natural springs, sprawling fields, natural lakes (at high altitude) and glaciers. You will enjoy the serenity of the nature there.

There are popular trekking routes that you might be interested in. Jeep safaris, Day excursions and camping are other options. Think about camping near crystal-clear streams and listen to the music of nature.

For trekking, you can explore the Shaha Jenali- Thoi trek, Asümbar-Ishkoman Trek or Darhkut-Broghol trek. You can contact professional trekking agencies in Pakistan for information about trekking in Yasin, required permits and related detail.

If you want to see Yasin by yourself, your best option is: fly to Gilgit from Islamabad and make your arrangements at Gilgit. Daily transportation to Yasin is available and there are some small Inns in Thawoos and Hundur where you can stay for sightseeing. The road from Gilgit to Yasin is metalled and runs along the river all the way to Yasin. When you are in Yasin, do not forget to stay or camp at Khalti lake, on your way back— it is another awesome place to see, a neighboring exotic dale.

Alternatively, you can fly to Chitral and enjoy a jeep safari via Shandur. On this rout you will be amazed by beautiful destinations such as Chitral itself, Shandur (the world’s highest polo ground), Phandar Valley, Khalti Lake and finally Yasin. After this trip you can head back to Gilgit and take your flight to Islamabad.

The best time to visit Yasin is between May and September, as the weather here is perfect to soothe your mood. The people of Yasin are very easygoing and hospitable. Cultural shocks are everywhere and you might see things differently in Yasin. A great deal of respect for the culture is generally expected.

If you believe in community participation and responsible tourism, you may interact with local people and see what contribution you can make to the society in Yasin. Many tourists in the past have donated to community schools, written articles, given motivational presentations in schools and have spread the word about Yasin. You also can contribute to the economy by buying locally and hiring local services.

Content courtesy: The Darddistan Times

Video courtesy : Quwat K Sunny

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One thought on “Escape to Yasin Valley to shed your stress away”

  1. Fantabulous. We are blessed to have such wonderful places and communities across the country, but unfortunately we have only been represented by and viewed as the hatemongers, bigots and extremists.


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