Chemonics to hold free 5-day training in Digital Marketing & Advertising

smeaUSAID SMEA has taken the Initiative of providing a FREE 40 hour/5-day training in Digital Marketing & Advertising to build the digital marketing knowledge base and hands-on skills across SMEA industry sectors and improve their yields in digital advertising.

The 40 hour coursework has been designed in 3 modules. The modules are 8 hours, 16 hours and 16 hours respectively. The training days would be full working days 0900 – 1700 of intensive hands-on training. USAID SMEA is FREE for attendees.

The trainings were launched in Dec 2018 and have successfully conducted several sessions in different cities of Pakistan. New sessions for different cities are planned every few weeks. Below are the dates of the upcoming sessions.

*** NEW Location & Date of the Training Sessions

*** – Islamabad – Jun 13, 2019 –

Karachi – June 19, 2019 –

Other cities – “Coming soon.

Signup now to get notified.” Fill the registration form below ASAP to be invited to the above training sessions. If your city is not mentioned, fill the form below to be invited when sessions are planned for your cities or the cities near you.

Register here:

Disclaimer: USAID SMEA reserves the right to select/reject the applicants.

Courtesy: Chemminics CE

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