6 Research Assistants needed at NUST (NBS)

nustNUST Business School (NBS) invites applications from postgraduate research students for the position of Research Assistant (RA) for the following HEC Approved Projects:

A suitable candidate is required to be enrolled/have MS (management, business administration, entrepreneurship).

 Project 1: “ Exploring the Determinants of Mobile Financial Service Adoption in Pakistan: The Moderating Role of Government Regulations and Demographics “. A suitable candidate is required to be enrolled/have MS (management, business administration, entrepreneurship).

Project 2: “Knowledge Retention from the Critical employees of the Organizations: Strategies, Issues and Challenges-An Investigation of the Banking Sector of Pakistan”.

Project 3: “Tit for Tat? When and How Subordinate’s Behaviour Instigates Abusive Supervision: A Case Study from Pakistan”.

Project 4: “Antecedents of Sustainable Performance Among ISO14001- Certified Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan “.

Project 5: “The Broken Connection of Firm Internationalization: The Case of International New Ventures from Emerging Economies”.

Project 6: “Design of the Order Fulfilment Process for Mass Customization in Manufacturing SMEs”.

The Position

The RA will support teams of researchers and technical assistance providers in executing high quality work for these funded projects. RAs work as part of larger project teams and must balance the fast pace of working on multiple assignments simultaneously. The position offers qualified applicants the opportunity to learn about policy topics within the division’s practice areas and develop professional skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods, analytic reasoning, verbal and written communication, project management, and related areas.

For details: http://www.nust.edu.pk/INSTITUTIONS/Schools/NBS/Campus-Life/News/Pages/Position-for-Research-Assistants-at-NBS.aspx

Courtesy: NUST

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