Buraq taxi service – another competitor reaches market in Pakistan

Buraq Taxi service introduced in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Faisalabad and Lahore. It has multiple feature and providing latest technology for drivers and customers.

Buraq is offering 97% share of total earing to drivers, and it will be a game changer for Pakistani market. Buraq offers 10% discount for all activities like wedding, conferences, exhibitions, matches, training’s and seminars; it is offering 10% discount for Army personnel, teachers, doctors and senior citizens.

Buraq Taxi service will be very different from other existing players and it will be very profitable for drivers. Buraq drivers will get 97% share of their earing and company will get only 3% from drivers.

Timesaco’s CEO Donald-Li expressed that ” Timesaco is an ecosystem platform and it care for customers, care for drivers, care for partners, care for employees, and care for investors.”

Timesaco developed 3 Main Applications (1) Timesaco App for customer (2) Buraq App for driver (3) BizTree App for partners.

Courtesy : Technology Times Pakistan

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