6th Islamabad Literature Festival to take place on September 27

ILFIslamabad Literature Festival (ILF) is an especially important event and occupies a distinctive position in the cultural, educational, and literary life of Pakistan. It is a young city, and it therefore vibrates with the energies of youth. Its naturally beautiful location makes it an ideal place for literary, cultural, and creative inspiration to flourish.

The sixth Islamabad Literature Festival is scheduled to take place on 27, 28, and 29 September 2019. As before, it is being organized by Oxford University Press at the Hotel Margala in Islamabad.

The aims of ILF are to develop interaction between writers, intellectuals, and artists within Pakistan and across borders, cultures, and languages, and to nurture and promote books and the habit of reading. Given the presence of the diplomatic community here, it provides a unique opportunity to put Pakistan on the map as a country rich in culture, creativity, and exchange of ideas and opinions. ILF brings together and celebrates Pakistani and international authors writing in many languages, including Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Potohari, Seraiki, English, and other languages. It features debates/discussions; talks; mushairas (poetry recitals) in Urdu, English, a book fair; book launches, readings and signings; film screenings; music; dance; and much more.

While the roots of ILF are nourished by the rich traditions of our heritage, it will especially look forward to the future and explore new writings, new trends, and new technologies, and provide platforms to younger authors and scholars.

Courtesy: OUP /KLF

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