Fully sponsored Cross Culture Program 2019 in Germany


The new scholarship “CCP Focus” is open to applicants from the MENA region, Central, South and Southeast Asia. Participants of this scholarship share a common thematic and professional focus. This is 2019: Civic education. For the first time in 2019, interested persons can apply exclusively for pre-defined job offers. The stay in Germany is 2-3 months.

Please prepare the following mandatory documents before starting the application process:

Supporting documents (copies of diplomas, evidence of experience, etc.) may be requested at a later stage in the competition.

Make sure that you have all documents ready in advance, as the application portal does not allow you to save incomplete applications and/or resume them at a later date. Please note that only complete applications including the above documents will be considered.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 28 February 2019.


  • Support in the preparation of the professional fellowship
  • Monthly grant of 550 Euro
  • Accommodation in Germany (single or shared apartment)
  • Coverage of health insurance during the stay in Germany
  • Assumption of travel expenses and visa fees
  • Supporting programme e.g. networking events, participation in workshops

Responsibilities of the fellows:

  • Securing leave of absence from the employer
  • Preparation for the application for a short stay visa (Schengen visa)
  • Communication and consultation with the programme team as well as the respective host organisation
  • Participation, as appropriate, in accompanying events (workshops, trainings etc.)
  • Assessment of potential risks and impacts on their work in the country of residence (due to the participation in the programme)
  • Submission of a final report


For details: https://www.ifa.de/en/funding/crossculture-programme-focus/?fbclid=IwAR241yZnhgg5JZFAtjWV9Uxp5kcAtYOh7fP2jHkeOjeT-R5d0TUBpPSxKmk




Filipino farmer’s son gets full scholarship at Harvard University

The following story is a clear proof that with hard work you can overcome any obstacle in life. This is a story about the son of a Filipino farmer. The boy did not only get accepted at Harvard University but he also got full scholarship. Lots of people lose faith just because they are not given the opportunity they need, but with hard work you can achieve anything. Feeling helpless because you think you have bad faith was not something this boy did.

Being born in poverty is a physical and mental challenge. Even though his family was poor, this boy continued getting his education even though he had to cross a river every day on his way to school. His father supported him in his goal of getting proper education and he worked really hard.

The boy’s name is Romnick L.Blanco. He was one of the best students in his school. He was supported by a charity called Green Earth Heritage that helps other students like him. This charity is also providing computer classes and literacy to students. Due to his good marks and intelligence, Romnick was given scholarship by the International School Manila where he got the highest marks on every subject.

He soon caught the attention of lots of universities including the most prestigious such as Wesley, New York and Dartmouth University. However, he accepted the scholarship from Harvard University.

Romnick recently started his studies at Harvard and he is still doing very well. After he graduated in 2017, he took a year off to travel around the world and he visited many countries. Even though he currently studies at Harvard, he still remembers his roots. He has planted more than 1,500 plants in his father’s field. His parents could not be more proud or happier that their child is succeeding in his life.

Courtesy : Useful Gen

Berlin Scholarship Program: Empowering Journalists in the Digital Field


Reporters Without Borders Germany invites journalists from war zones and crisis areas to come to Berlin for four months. During this time they can enjoy a break and complete a comprehensive training program in digital security issues relevant to their work.

The program is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

The aim of the scholarship is to provide scholarship holders with practical knowledge on how to protect themselves against digital threats such as surveillance or hacker attacks in their journalistic work. In addition, they will also receive training in how to teach others in their home region about digital security issues.

From May 1st, 2019 until December 31st, 2019, eight journalists from war zones and crisis areas will be invited to Berlin for a period of four months each (1.05.2019 to 31.08.2019 or 1.09.2019 to 31.12.2019).

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, February 19th 2019 at 23:59 (Central European Time).

For details: https://www.reporter-ohne-grenzen.de/hilfe-schutz/stipendien/berliner-stipendienprogramm/

Habib University’s Talent Outreach, Promotion and Support Program (HU TOPS)


Avail the opportunity to enroll in a fully funded program at Habib University for a world-class undergraduate degree

Habib University’s Talent Outreach, Promotion and Support Program is designed for students who are enrolled in Pakistan’s Board of Intermediate Education (BIE)Federal Board (FB) and the Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU EB) for their Intermediate Education. HU TOPS provides an opportunity to talented students of BIE, FB and AKU EB to apply for admission to Habib University and get admitted with full tuition and Laboratory fee waiver for their undergraduate degree based on their academic talent and passion to learn.

Habib University believes in providing equal opportunities and nurturing talent and potential irrespective of educational, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. HU TOPS is an example of this commitment to Pakistan. The University will ensure students enrolled through HU TOPS shape thoughtful careers and life paths for themselves. They will be supported in growing as life-long learners, creative problem solvers and dynamic leaders, with a passion to serve the society.

Benefits of HU TOPS

  • An exceptional opportunity to study at Habib University for a transformative learning experience.
  • Full Tuition, Laboratory and Semester Registration Fee waiver
  • Admission Application Fee waiver
  • Opportunity to attend a Summer Admission Preparatory Program at HU free of cost

For details:


UCA announces undergraduate admission 2019


University of Central Asia (UCA) has recently announced admissions to its undergraduate program. It’s a university that provides world-class facilities to enhance learning.

UCA’s first campus opened in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan in September 2016, followed by Khorog (2017) and Tekeli, Kazakhstan (2021/22). The Naryn Campus is located on the banks of the Naryn River, with easy access to Naryn Town. The master plan and concept design for the campus were conceived by award-winning Japanese architecture firm Arata Isozaki & Associates. Campus life will provide opportunities for applying academic knowledge; community service; sports and recreation; cultural exchange; and developing responsible citizenship and leadership skills.

Students will enjoy:

  • State-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and libraries.
  • Secure dormitories with study and recreational areas.
  • Modular rooms you can configure for privacy.
  • Outdoor learning spaces on campus.
  • Sheltered walkways, automatic lighting and secure facilities.

How to Apply?

  1. Submit the completed UCA Application Form and supplementary documents online, by emailor in-personto reach UCA no later than March 1st 2019 at 11:59pm (GMT+6). Apply by UCA’s early bird deadline of February 1st 2019 at 11:59pm, for no application fee.
    Click here for more information, a Step-by-Step Guide or Online Admissions FAQs
  2. Stage I shortlisted candidates will be invited to sit for UCA’s English, mathematics and logic admission test on March 24th 2019.
  3. Stage II shortlisted candidates must submit recommendation forms and financial aid application in April 2019.

 Click here for more information, a Step-by-Step Guide or Online Admissions FAQs.